Discover a path towards hope, healing, and the opportunity for a fresh start.

Our organization offers a comprehensive range of care options specifically designed for men. Our services span across the full continuum of care, accommodating various needs and preferences. From outpatient services to residential treatment, transition planning, and aftercare, we ensure that each individual receives tailored support.

We prioritize a person-centered approach, acknowledging the unique circumstances and challenges faced by each man. By meeting them where they are in their journey, we can develop personalized treatment plans that address not only addiction but also the underlying causes of substance abuse. Our goal is to equip individuals with the necessary tools and support for sustainable recovery and long-term well-being.

Through our holistic approach, we empower men to overcome addiction, gain a deeper understanding of themselves, and cultivate a foundation for lifelong recovery. We are committed to walking alongside them every step of the way, fostering a safe and compassionate environment conducive to healing and personal growth.

We firmly believe that you are more than your addiction. Right here, in this moment, you have the opportunity to embark on a journey towards freedom and a brand new life.

We offer Men’s Treatment Programs

In our organization, we are dedicated to providing person-centered treatment in a nurturing and healing environment. We understand that each individual’s journey to recovery is unique, and our programs and services are tailored to meet the specific needs of men.

Integrated Treatment Approach

  • Ambulatory withdrawal services
  • Licensed treatment and co-occurring mental health services
  • Transitional planning, including transitional housing.
  • Aftercare services
  • Peer Support

Treatment built around relationships and community.

  • Family involvement and connection – we provide different ways for families and loved ones to stay connected.
  • Family/caregiver support
  • Community, and building healthy relationships.
  • Environments that foster support for everyone.
  • Integrated partnerships within the recovery community
  • Emphasis on a peer-supportive

Spirituality And Faith

We understand and respect that spirituality is a deeply personal experience that can play a vital role in the recovery process for many individuals.

In our programs, we provide opportunities for individuals to nurture their spirituality in a way that feels meaningful and comfortable for them. We offer a faith-based track as an optional component in our licensed treatment programs. This track allows individuals to explore and integrate their faith into their recovery journey, incorporating faith-based principles, practices, and teachings that align with their beliefs.

In our long-term recovery program, we further integrate faith-based principles and practices into weekly activities. This may include activities such as singing, attending chapel services, engaging in Bible study, and other spiritual practices. These activities are designed to support individuals in deepening their spiritual connection, finding inspiration, and fostering personal growth within a supportive community.

What Happens After Treatment

By offering comprehensive transition planning, we aim to facilitate a smoother transition from treatment to the next phase of life, ultimately increasing the likelihood of long-term success in recovery.

  • Follow-ups with check ins and aftercare services
  • For individuals seeking spiritual support and community engagement, we can assist in connecting them with local faith-based organizations that align with their beliefs.
  • Employment assistance
  • Alumni community and events
  • Relapse prevention with Aftercare Chaplains